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How to make money on YouTube within 96 hours

How To Make Money on YouTube

How To Make Money on YouTube
How to make money on youtube
Are you know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine in the world ,Visit YouTube each month More than 1 billion unique users,Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube(that's almost an hour for every person on Earth), and it`s rank 3 in Alexa ("This is a ranking system set by") . 
it`s MASSIVE traffic source but untapped Despite this its Easiest Way To Make Money From Home.

Are You Ready To Earn Money From Youtube :

if you interested to know how rank video in the first page in google and youtube whatever it`s difficulty , you will share my interests ,I also wasn`t very interested in ranking video in the first  google`s pages Although my knowledge that it`s much easier than SEO textual content (sites).

Regardless of the comparison that needed another article between YouTube SEO and sites SEO , I admit that YouTube SEO easier than sites SEO , Fast , Excellent results for Exerted effort , so I decided to make a case study to bring video from scratch to the first page in Google within 96 hours Only 4 days in high keyword competition.

Example Of Top Ranking Youtube Video:

Before we get into YouTube SEO Strategy, I want to show you examples of videos that ranked in google page :

How To Make Money on YouTube
  How to make omelet" results on google"
videos are ranking for the keyword “how to make an Omelet“:
keyword "how to make an Omelet" is high competition in "Traffic travis" program and it`s show Sites that are competing for this word are ancient sites,have high Domain authority + Home Page high authority+ Relevancy Despite this the videos can beat them
How to make money on YouTube
Gangnam Style video rank 1# in google
see if you rank 1# in google your video will be large image, it`s amazing 
i need you imagine how much traffic can you get to your video

YouTube SEO Strategy:

We are always provide and explain the strategies and techniques of highly effective and proven, so it take time from us , Because I always endeavor to try any strategy or method by myself Before putting on the blog to Kept 100% sure of their effectiveness

Now i will show you the steps that i make to rank my video in the first page  in just over 96 hours.
  • Find Video Keywords
  • Design video with good and New Content (Exclusive content)
  • Improve internal SEO for video
  • Get Real Views for your video
  • Backlinks +  Authority
  • Social Signals (related to the content of the video)

How to make money online
Video statistics on youtube

In order to maintain your position in the first page:

You need Views velocity increase regularly As you see in the image , we can control it if all thing go well for Views , it`s natural that views rate begins to rise in a gradual and orderly when video rank in first google`s page , you also need to keep the number of likes for the video more than the number of dislikes and it`s important to increase number of shares to be more social and here comes social signals role that we talk about , last thing is the number of subscribers it`s important for Google and Youtube

Step #1: Find Video keywords:

anything in web related to SEO must start with keyword research , our goal to find keywords with high competition in Google but low in Youtube to easy rank . These are called, “Video Keywords”. 

The best thing to know that google reserves a good chunk of the first page for video results

How to make money on YouTube
How to Skateboard" results on google"
Google like these types of keywords :
  • How to ("How to make money on youtube")
  • Reviews ("Godaddy review")
  • Tutorials ("Photoshop tutorials")
  • Anything sports related ("MMA training")
  • Funny  ("Best fails")

How to Find Video Keywords:

search for keywords in your niche i prefer long tail keywords it`s easy to rank then if keywords have YouTube video results, like this

How to make money on YouTub
"MMA Training" results on google

Now You found a Video Keywords,You need to check Competition and earch volume for that keyword , we don`t need massive search volumes. our target to get keyword at least 500 searches per month in Google (use  Google Keyword Planner to know information about keywords):

How to make money on YouTube
Keyword Planner
don`t choose massive search volumes keyword to easy rank in google and get more high quality traffic to your video

Step #2: Design fantastic video (Exclusive content) :

You must make greet video that attract people to show it and share, the content is the king , you cant earn money with bad video, in video designing process you must use Exclusive image and audio ,you must not break property rights , you can use(" Audio library"), Music free and available for use in the videos.

you can use any program to make your video but i suggest ("PowerDirector") it's easy and simple
How to make money on YouTube
You can use online sites to make your video like ;

How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube

if you cant design video you can use freelancers sites like ;

How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube

Step #3: Improve internal SEO for video :

Internal improvement of the video on YouTube is a factor takes more than 50% of video trip to be in the first page in Google , choose carefully the title, the description , and you have to choose Tags related to the content and title of the video. 

Video Details:
How to make money on YouTube
Video Icon

When finish the video use the keyword in the video’s file name.For example, keyword “Linkedin Training Course”, you’d want to name your video Linkedin_Training_Course_video.mp4.

How to make money on YouTube
Video Details

Right click on video icon >>properties>>Details
Fill Title , subtitle,Rating , tags , comments 
it help google and youtube to know what is your video Category and what video talking about .

Video Title : 

The title should at least 6-words long.and you should include the keyword in the title . For example, my Linkedin Training Course video’s title is 8 words…include my target keyword:
How to make money on YouTube
Video Title Example

Video Description : 

Your videos description is VERY important.The SEO optimized description helps Google and YouTube to know what your video is about without being spammy.
 make 300 words in the video description maximum inculde your keywords 3-4 times, and keywords related to your main keyword in searches form. 
Example of a video description optimized around the keyword “Linkedin Training Course”:
How to make money on YouTube
Video Description Example

Video tags :

it`s important for google and youtube to know what your video is about.

How to make money on YouTube
Video tags

also help you your video to appear as a related video in the sidebar 

How to make money on YouTube
Youtube Sidebar

Step #4: Get Real Views for your video : 

The most important point to rise your video fast in Google, is to get at least 1,000 view during the first 24 hours ("More views=higher rankings.") , But it should be from different devices ( various IP ) , For a period not less than 30 seconds , In order to calculate the full YouTube Views .

Some strategies to get real views to your video :

Mention Your video to Q&A Sites like ;

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube
But don`t be spam and paste your link at all places , you’re going to get banned
Just search for a question related to your video content , and embed your video into your answer :

How to make money on YouTube
Linkedin answer

Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature ; 

How to make money on YouTube
Video in Email

it`s useful to get high retention views to your video .

Use sites helps you to get real view :

The Most famous site for 5000 Show with only 10 $ is ("More Views")

But before you start to bring this number of hits over the past 24 hours, I advise using the Opera browser and open the video page, then press Right click and select the Reload every 30 seconds, 

And leave it for a quarter of an hour, then close it, so will get 301 + views that are not verified by YouTube in any way,  then use sites that mentioned in the top .

Step #5: Backlinks + Authority + PageRank : 

Also a very important point, ("Off-Page SEO"), in order to make this process You need 3 things . 

  1. Embed the video in text content about the video , This is done through a new blog on Blogger or WordPress .
  2. Ping your youtube video by ("Mass Ping") or ("Pingomatic") .
  3. Add your video to Web 2.0 sites like ("HubPages")("Squidoo")("EzineArticles") .

How to make money on YouTube
Embed video example
And I advise you if you have a blog competent in the video category,embed video in the sidebar for a period of 48 hours . this will help you because YouTube know where you embed video , Inside a post or in the Home . if the video in the home page Youtube sure that is high value video and it`s help you to fast rank.

Step #6: Social Signals (related to the content of the video)

How to make money on YouTube
social signals
Last point I mentioned briefly is Shares process and this process occurs through the strengthening of social signals to your video by publishing it in Facebook, google+, twitter, stumbleupon pages related to the content of the video's main category . But you must know that YouTube is a site basically depends on the quality of the video , visitor interaction with video , Likes , subscribers and shares , the Social Signals that come from ordinary people, such as those who use YouTube are important, so do not neglect this step .

To search for sites that allow comment by Facebook comments Box We wrote this string in the Google search engine and change "Keyword" to your keywords related to your video . 

"Facebook Social Plugin" "Keyword"

You will find pages of many sites specializes in the category of your video allows comments via Facebook, paste the link of your video with different comment in each page so as not to be spamming, enough 10 comments per day at a maximum.
For Google Plus will use this string and replace "keyword" to your keyword . "Keyword

You'll find many pages Google Plus, you can share them in the comment included a link of your video, try as much as possible to make comments relative to the subject of the Post, so as not to be deleted, enough also 10 comments on Google Plus in the day.

If you want to get a sophisticated way that makes you step up your video for the first page , Whatever difficulty in this category 

Start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads & boost your revenue! all you have to do is click here

How to make money on YouTube

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